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26th July 2022

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National Standards

BS 5499-4 2013 Code of Practice for Escape Route Signing

BS EN 671-1 2012 Fixed Fire Fighting Systems (Hose Reels)

BS 9990 2015 Non Automatic Fire Fighting Systems in Buildings (Dry Risers)

BS 5839-1 2017 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Non-Domestic Buildings

BS 5266-1 2016 Emergency Lighting of Premises

BS 5839-6 2019 Fire Detection & Alarms Systems in Domestic Buildings

BS 5306-3 2017 Commissioning & Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers

BS 5306-8 2012 Selection & Positioning of Portable Fire Extinguishers

BS 5306-9 2015 Recharging of Portable Fire Extinguishers

BS EN 1869 1997 Fire Blankets

Miscellaneous Standards and Guidance Documents

Guidance on Electrical Safety & Isolation

Fire Alarm Fused Spur Requirements

Part P Approved Document 2013

The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 2015

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Building Regulations 2000 Non Dwelling Houses

IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection & Testing

HSE Electricity at Work Regulations

BAFE SP101 Scheme Documentation Version 1

Changes to BS5266-1 2016

Fire Angel Guidance to BS5389-6 2019 (Fire Detection & Alarm Systems for Buildings)

IFEDA | Buying from the Internet

Service Instructions and Manuals

FIA Commisioning & Inspection of Fire Blankets

Advanced MX-4000 User Manual

Smartcell Wireless Control Panel Programming Guide

Ctec CFP Zone Manual

Fike Twinflex Pro User Manual

Firedex FX22001 8 Zone User Manual

JSB & Firedex User Manual

Rafiki Twinflex Checkpoint Plus User Manual

Kentc Syncro User Manual

Advanced MX Pro 4 User Manual

Advanced MX Pro 5 User Manual

Ziton ZP3 User Manual

Xenex 2 User Manual

Gent Vigilon Compact User Manual

Stairwell Vents Quick Guide

Quantec Features & Operations Guide

Protec 6400 Control Panel User Manual

Protec 6300 User Manual

Protec 6300 Installation Manual

Protec 3300 Control Panel User Manual

Protec 3100 Control Panel User Manual

Premier SX User Manual

Premier SX Installation Manual

Nittan Evo 1 Installation Manual

Mains Powered Smoke Alarms

MAG2/MAG4 User Manual

Kentec Solo Installation, Commissioning & User Manual

Hyfire Radio User Manual

Gent Vigilon User Manual

Gent Nano Commissioning Instructions

Fireray Beam Detectors

Fike Duonet Fire Control Panel User Manual

EV301 Replacing SP300 Instructions

Discovery Voyager User Manual

HAES Surveyor Envoy Fire Panel

Cirrus Pro User Manual

CEL Legacy Discovery Voyager Installation Manual

PFS Installation & Maintenance Manual

CB200 User Manual

Fire Alarm Panel Codes

Panel Codes

Technical Memos’, Updates & Product Bulletins

T G Products Quality Bulletin 25/03/2021

Fire Extinguishers on Buses

Jewel Safety Notice | Adapter | 11/10/2019

Jewel Safety Notice | Adapter Update | 09/12/2020

Fike Technical Bulletin | Twinflex Checkpoint Plus | 15/12/2020

Fike Rechnical Bulletin | Twinflex Flashpoint | 17/06/2019

Fike Technical Bulletin | Flashpoint

Fike Technical Bulletin | Flashpoint WP

IFEDA Technical Memo | Fire Blankets | 01/08/2019

Marine Safety Alert | Corroded Fire Extinguisher Explosion | 21/06/2021

Press Releases & News

IFEDA | The Role of the Fire Extinguisher | March 2021

Health and Safety Generic RAMS

Risk Assessment | Lone Working

Risk Assessment | Site Based Work | COVID-19

Safe System of Work | Site Based Work | COVID-19

Risk Assessment | Office Based Work | COVID-19

Safe System of Work | Office Based Work | COVID-19

Risk Assessment | PFS Systems

Safe System of Work | PFS Systems

Risk Assessment | Fire Extinguisher Training

Safe System of Work | Fire Extinguisher Training

Risk Assessment | Service of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Method Statement | Service of Portable Fire Extinguishers

Safe System of Work | Ladder & Step Use

Safe System of Work | Dry Riser Testing

Risk Assessment | Dry Riser Testing

Risk Assessment | Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Inspection

Safe System of Work| Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting Inspection

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser & Vehicle Fire Risk

Risk Assessment | Using Hand Operated Trolley to Move Equipment

Safe System of Work | Using Hand Operated Trolley to Move Equipment

HSE Update | Safe Use of Ladders & Equipment

Company Policies

Employee Privacy Notice

Anti Slavery Policy

Anti Bribery Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Company Compliance Profile

Insurance Documents

Letter of Indemnity

Insurance Certificate

General Interest or Information

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26th July 2022