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What are Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems?

The kitchen is the area most at risk of fire; in fact, cooking appliances were responsible for 45% of accidental fires in 2021/2022

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What are the Benefits of a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

  • Early fire detection & suppression
  • Keeps everyone safe & minimises property damage
  • Automatic, so faster response time & no need for human intervention
  • Quickly extinguish a fire before it has the chance to spread
  • Could reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Cost-effective way to protect your property; a fire spread could cause injury to staff or customers, damage to property or prevent you from trading whilst repairs are completed
  • Preventative measures are much less expensive than repairs
  • Compliance with standards & regulations

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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems from Fire Queen

Fire Queen Limited Install & Service a Range of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems to Keep Your Team, Customers & Property Safe.

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Why install a Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

A fire suppression system is an essential investment when safeguarding your home or commercial kitchen.  Fires can start in an instant & cause catastrophic damage, but with the right fire suppression system, you can significantly reduce the risk & protect both people & property.  Here’s why installing a kitchen fire suppression system is crucial.

Protect Your Property & People

The primary reason for installing a kitchen fire suppression system is to protect your property & those on your property.  Kitchens are high-risk areas for fires due to the presence of open flames, high temperatures & flammable oils.  A fire suppression system detects & suppresses fires quickly, minimising damage & providing an extra layer of safety for your customers, residents or employees.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

Many local authorities require commercial kitchens to have a fire suppression system in place.  Installing a compliant system ensures you meet these regulations, helping you avoid potential shutdowns.  For businesses & homeowners, having a fire suppression system can often lead to lower insurance premiums due to the reduced risk of fire damage.

Fast & Efficient Fire Response

Traditional fire extinguishers can be challenging to operate during an emergency, especially when panic sets in.  A kitchen fire suppression system is automatic, activating instantly when a fire is detected.  This rapid response is crucial in preventing the fire from spreading & causing extensive damage.

Minimise Business Downtime

For restaurant owners, a fire can lead to significant business interruptions.  By installing a fire suppression system, you ensure any fire-related incidents are quickly controlled, reducing downtime & allowing your business to resume operations sooner.  This proactive approach can save you money & protect your reputation.

Cost-Effective Investment

While the initial cost of installing a kitchen fire suppression system may seem high, it is a cost-effective investment in the long run.  The potential cost savings from preventing a major fire far outweigh the installation & maintenance costs of the system.  Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts for properties equipped with fire suppression systems.

Enhance Safety & Peace of Mind

Knowing your kitchen is equipped with a fire suppression system provides peace of mind.  You can focus on cooking or running your business without constantly worrying about the risk of fire; enhanced safety allows for a more productive & stress-free environment.

Installing a kitchen fire suppression system is not just a safety measure, it’s a smart investment which protects lives, property & your livelihood. Whether for a home kitchen or a commercial establishment, the benefits of having a reliable fire suppression system in place are undeniable. Don’t wait until it’s too late—invest in a kitchen fire suppression system & enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared for the unexpected.

By understanding the importance & benefits of kitchen fire suppression systems, you can make an informed decision which enhances safety & compliance.  Protect your kitchen, protect your future.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Are Ideal for Many Situations to Improve Safety & Minimise Fire Risk:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Care Homes
  • Public Sector Catering Facilities
  • Staff Canteens
  • Pop up Food Outlets
  • Catering Outlets
  • Mobile Catering

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are an efficient & cost-effective way of providing optimum protection for your premises & being compliant with fire risk assessments in certain circumstances.

If you have a kitchen with open flames, fryers, or griddles with a potential fire risk, call Fire Queen Limited to discuss your needs & how we can support improving your fire safety.

Why Choose a Ceasefire Kitchen Fire Suppression System?

Next-Gen Technologies For Kitchens:

Ceasefire’s Kitchen Suppression System deploys a pneumatic heat sensing tube (HST) which ensures linear detection.  The HST snakes through the hood, plenum as well as the duct area leaving no blind spots in fire fighting.  The specially designed nozzles discharge the agent effectively & efficiently to ensure superior fire fighting.

In-house Design Capabilities:

The in-house team of design professionals have extensive experience of customising fire suppression systems for a wide variety of commercial & domestic kitchens according to the LPCB guidelines.

Every design is customised for the kitchen it is installed in, considering the length of the kitchen hood along with every other aspect of fire threat & assessment of collateral damages at the premises.

Interested in keeping your team, customers & property protected from kitchen fires? Contact Fire Queen Limited.

What types of Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are Available?

Fire Queen Limited use a range of Ceasefire systems depending on your specific needs.

Ceasefire UL Listed ULtraX Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ceasefire UL Listed ULtraX – Kitchen Fire Suppression System


Ceasefire Enviro Series – Water Mist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Fire Alarms Serviced, Additions / Upgrades & Fault Diagnosis

Ceasefire UL Listed ULtraX Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ceasefire Ultra Series – Wet Chemical Based Kitchen Fire Suppression System


Residential Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Water Mist Based)

Fire Alarms Serviced, Additions / Upgrades & Fault Diagnosis


Residential Kitchen Fire Suppression System (Wet Chemical Based)

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