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Case Study: Wireless Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System upgrade at Residential Home

Wireless Fire Alarm System Fitted to The Coppice Retirement Home. Following a Fire Risk Assessment we were asked to carry out a survey at the Coppice for Select Retirement Service. Next steps highlighted system needed enhancing with Wireless Fire Alarm System upgrades

We noticed that the existing Fire System installed was not sufficient for the proposed procedure for the premises (Stay put). Also, the System was not satisfactory, where detection was not installed in some areas ….. and 1 Zone covered the full premises all over 4 floors and a loft space. This was a big issue because if there was a Fire it could be anywhere within the building’s communal areas meaning valuable time could be wasted locating the Fire. Due to the size and layout of the building and weighing up the aesthetics and labour involved, we proposed to install an EMS Addressable Wireless System. The actual installation of the full system was completed in only 2 days, with very little mess or disruption to the residents. They also have Framed Zonal Drawing installed as per BS5839-1-2017 to aid the Addressable System which now has separate Zones for each floor and Loft.

We also installed Wireless monitoring Equipment so that the premises could achieve the stay put procedure as requested. This would alert the Alarm receiving centre who depending on what time of day it was would either contact the keyholders or call on the Fire Service to attend.

The residents now have an extremely reliable EMS wireless system in place and peace of mind knowing they are safe 24/7 and 365 days a year. Combined with the routine maintenance from Fire Queen this System will keep them safe for many years to come.

It was also delightful to get such excellent feedback from the House Manager on how the upgraded system is working.

Many thanks to M Goodall and Brian Preston at Fire Queen for their excellent service today.

As it was our first test with you I was keen to see how it all went, great guys and a great job done.

Many thanks Janine Carr

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