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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems by Firequeen

Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System Installation

Wireless Fire Detection

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
Wireless Fire Alarm Systems EMS SmartCell
Wireless Fire Alarm Systems EMS SmartCell

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are suitable for most situations.

  • Less installation time on site
  • Minimal disruption
  • Cost Effective fire safety solution

EMS SmartCell

EMS SmartCell, the future of fire detection available now.

SmartCell is the latest wireless fire detection platform developed by EMS.  An innovative & flexible system for small to medium size applications developed with simplicity in mind.  SmartCell is a powerful system that has the capacity to support up to 32 wireless fire devices.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems
Wireless Fire Alarm Systems EMS SmartCell

Get Alerts  via Email or Text with EMS SmartCell

The EMS SmartCell system has the capability of EMS Services, which can allow remote configuration & also send Text or e-mail alerts.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems EMS SmartCell

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Wireless Fire Alarm Installation

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems – What are they & why choose one?

Fire Queen Limited install & service a range of fire alarm systems, but “wireless fire alarm systems” are becoming increasingly popular.  What are wireless fire alarm systems & why would you choose one for your premises or home?

A wireless fire alarm system, as the name states, is a mostly wire free solution.  The innovative technology transmits a radio signal from the heat detectors &/or smoke detectors to the fire alarm control panel.   As a user of a wireless fire alarm system, it will work & look very similar to a hard wired system; if you spot a fire you break the call point glass, or the system detects smoke/heat & sends the alarm signal to the control panel.  The system then detects the alarm condition, raises the alarm & indicates the location of the fire via zone.  Each system device has its own unique address, which identifies the exact location of the fire on the control panel.
The systems use a radio frequency signal instead of using a hard wired signal activation which is sent via cables.  Some systems also have the ability to send Text or e-mail alerts.

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Why Choose a Wireless Fire Alarm System?

There are many advantages of a wireless fire alarm system & generally they are far quicker & simpler to install.  Advances in technology have made them as reliable as hard wired systems & offer all the same features.  With options to integrate wireless components with an already hard wired system, wireless fire alarm systems are worth considering.
The systems are mostly wireless, saving long lengths of cables & the disruption involved installing trunking or chasing into walls.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for many situations.

  • Wireless means quicker installation
  • Wireless means minimum disruption
  • Wireless installation allows for areas of structural sensitivity, such as Heritage Sites, Listed Buildings or where minimum disturbance is required
  • Care Homes, Clinics, Hospitals etc.
  • Flexibility to extend existing Fire Alarm systems – see our Case Studies
  • Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for protecting buildings during construction; they can be adapted as the construction develops
  • Effective is areas where access is difficult
  • Wireless components work without mains power
  • As efficient & reliable as hard wired Fire alarm systems, but fitted with minimum disruption
  • The layout or addition of devices can be updated if the building is altered or the use of rooms changes

Wireless Fire alarm systems are an efficient & cost-effective way of providing optimum protection for your premises.  If you are installing a whole new fire alarm or looking to expand your existing fire alarm system, call Fire Queen Limited to discuss your needs.

What are the advantages of a Wireless Fire System?

Wireless fire detection & fire alarm systems have proven to be an important, flexible solution for business owners, commercial premises, care homes, architects, residential developments, property developers & much much more…..
Wireless Systems take less time & labour to install, with a 30-50 device system normally taking 2 men only 2-days to install.  Similar installations of conventional hard wired systems could take 2-4 weeks to install, therefore a Wireless Fire Alarm System is ideal where time & disruption are limiting factors.

Wireless fire alarm systems are fast becoming the chosen solution.  With more flexibility, they are also a good option when expanding or enhancing an existing hard wired fire alarm system.

These systems don’t require cables installing between the panel & devices, meaning the decoration within the building will not need to be affected during the installation process.

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What types of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems are Available?

Fire Queen Limited use a range of systems depending on your specific needs.

Following a Fire Risk Assessment, we were asked to carry out a survey for Select Retirement Services; The outcome was to install an EMS Addressable Wireless System, you can read the Case Study here.

Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems   

The Taurus technology is extremely easy to install & represents a cost-effective solution compared to traditional cabled systems.  The Taurus wireless devices eliminate the need for complex cable networks & all of the problems they can bring, allowing the installation to be completed in much shorter time period – a few days & not weeks or months as for wired solutions – limiting time & direct contact on site, minimising the disturbance for tenants & disruption to the site.

The system survey defines exactly the wireless infrastructure required, so equipment costs are established at the outset.  The devices can be pre-programmed quickly at our workshops, contributing to increase the speed of installation & reducing the technicians required.  Project costs are optimised & deadlines achievable.  Wireless fire systems require robust EN54-25 approved wireless infrastructure & fully EN54 approved sensing, control & alarm products.  The Taurus product line, fully certified to the relevant EN54 standards, offers the highest performing range of fire sensing & notification technology available.

Hyfire – Trusted Wireless Protection

Hyfire is a market leader in wireless & hybrid active fire protection systems, bringing to market a respected fire protection solution which can be used on almost any site, large or small.  It is faster & less disruptive, needs fewer staff on site, minimises disturbance to end user business or activity, guarantees no surprises & delivers project deadlines & budgets.

The Hyfire partner programme ensures that end users & specifiers have access to an extensive network of fully trained installation professionals wherever they are, providing expert, local support for the best wireless & hybrid fire protection.  Industry-leading training, technical support & service, ensure our clients take advantage of the benefits of Hyfire wireless quickly & easily.  The new generation of high-performance panels & wireless technology are now available & further cement the reputation for performance & ease-of-use.  Fire Queen Limited is committed to developing our leadership in Wireless Fire  Protection.

EMS SmartCell – Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

EMS SmartCell is a Flexible Wireless Fire Alarm System with Some Excellent Features.

EMS SmartCell is developer & manufacturer of wireless & hybrid fire detection products.
SmartCell has been designed as a complete wireless fire detection system to protect people & property.  The system incorporates separate information zones which allow input devices to be configured in multiple configurations, providing maximum flexibility to the user & designer.  In the event of an alarm, the system detects the alarm condition, raises the alarm & also indicates the location of the fire via zone text together with an individual device description.  The system also supports remote connectivity for alarm routing & remote services. The system can:

  • Activate other building systems
  • Raise alarms locally via sounders
  • Raise alarms remotely via integrated or external communication modules
  • Call the fire & rescue service
  • Raise information alert events from wireless input devices

The Wireless Control Panel is the main component part of the wireless fire protection system.  Various devices can connect to the system, these include:

  • Manual Call Points
  • Sounders, with or without Beacons
  • Dual Smoke & Heat Detectors with or without Combined Sounders
  • Beacons Dual Input/Output Devices

The Control Panel allows full Cause & Effect programming with two on-board relay outputs available. A communications module may also be fitted allowing remote configuration, plus text & email notifications.  Alternatively, information can be passed directly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). All SmartCell wireless devices, including sounders, are battery powered & do not need to be included in the loop loading calculations.

Information devices can also be added to the system.  When triggered, information devices generate information alerts at the SmartCell Control Panel.  Upon an information alert event, details will be displayed on the Control Panel’s OLED display & the Control Panel’s buzzer will sound.

Typical applications include the monitoring of doors (opening/closing), a loss of power to your fridge, flood detection & an alarm condition on your intruder system.

Significant time saving against conventional fire system installations; no cables, no mess & no inconvenience to everyday business.
If you’re looking to install a new Fire Alarm System or need to enhance or extend your current Fire Alarm System, contact Fire Queen Limited.

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