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Fire Queen are Stockport’s primary provider of high quality Fire Alarm Servicing at prices that simply cannot be matched by our competitors. We carry out Fire Alarm servicing to all types of Fire Alarm Systems across Stockport and surrounding areas including Hyde, Bredbury, Glossop, Cheadle, Wilmslow, Bramhall, Hazel Grove, Reddish, Heaton Moor, Levenshule, Marple, New Mills, Chapel, Buxton and across all areas of the High Peak. Our engineers are fully qualified BAFE Registered Technicians and are not driven by commission based incentives. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our Fire Alarm Servicing and we will be happy to provide Stockport-based references who will vouch for the standard and cost-effectiveness of a Fire Queen Fire Extinguisher Servicing contract.

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We understand that you require quality Fire Alarm Servicing at a fair price

Our family owned business has over 40 years of experience in the provision of all types of Fire Alarm and Fire Extinguisher servicing to a wide range of Stockport’s commercial buildings and environments including Shops and Retail Premises, Schools, Offices and Business Premises, Factories and Warehouses, HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) and many types of commercial premises. Our engineers cover the whole of the Stockport area. Our Fire Protection knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in terms of providing value for money solutions and ensuring that your premises reach the most stringent of legal safety standards. You will find our willingness to meet your needs refreshing and our customer service levels, allied to our work ethic and professionalism, ensure that much of our new business derives from the personal recommendations of existing clients.

Free Stockport Fire AlarmServicing Survey

In order to advise you of the most cost-effective solution to your Fire Extinguisher Servicing requirements, Fire Queen technical staff will undertake a free survey of your premises in the Stockport area. We will provide you with a guaranteed quotation and information on the range of services that we offer.

Combining Fire Extinguisher Servicing with a Fire Alarm Servicing or Emergency Lighting Maintenance support plan may lead to significant cost savings.

A range of Fire Extinguisher Service Plans and Fire Alarm plans are available including a fully inclusive fixed budget.

How Often Should I be Servicing my Fire detection and Alarm System?

Regular fire alarm servicing is essential, and generally required every six months, in order to fully comply with fire safety regulation and legislation. Regular maintenance of your fire alarm system not only ensures its reliable operation, but it can also prevent false fire alarms call outs, and costly repairs. Firequeen provide routine bi-annual alarm testing & servicing for a comprehensive range of fire alarm systems all completed by our Fully Certified Engineers

For fire detection and alarm systems it is recommended a service by a competent provider is carried out every 6 months to comply with BS 5839-1

Firequeen are a registered BAFE organisation providing Fire Alarm servicing throughout Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Nationwide. Our trained engineers carry out Fire Alarm Service works and testing in Manchester, Stockport and Tameside. All types of Fire Alarm Systems Serviced.

The BAFE recommend

For fire detection and alarm systems it is recommended a service by a competent provider is carried out every 6 months to comply with BS 5839-1 (the British Standard for fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings in non-domestic premises). BS 5839-1 outlines multiple recommendations for inspecting and testing these systems that all BAFE SP203-1 Registered Organisations will be following.
“The recommendations in this clause should be carried out by a competent person (see 3.12). The period between successive inspection and servicing visits should not exceed six months. If this recommendation is not implemented, it should be considered that the system is no longer compliant with this part of BS 5839.”  – BS 5839-1 Clause 45.3 (Recommendations for periodic inspection and test of the system).
The British Standard (BS 5839-1) states “It is essential that the system is subject to periodic inspection and servicing so that faults are identified, preventive measures can be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system, false alarm problems are identified and suitably addressed, and the user is made aware of any changes to the building that affect the protection afforded by the system.” – BS 5839-1 Clause 45.1 (Commentary – Inspection and servicing).
Please note

There are also additional recommendations in BS 5839-1 for routine testing and inspection of the system. These can be found in Section 6 (Maintenance) of the British Standard. Your chosen BAFE SP203-1 Registered Organisation can advise further on these for you.
Further information from BS 5839-1 regarding inspection and servicing
“Periodic inspection and servicing needs to be carried out by a competent person with specialist knowledge of fire detection and fire alarm systems, including knowledge of the causes of false alarms, sufficient information regarding the system, and adequate access to spares.

This is normally an outside fire alarm servicing organization; care needs to be taken to ensure that, if, for example, in-house employees are used for this task, they have equivalent competence to the technicians of a typical fire alarm servicing organization. Competence of a fire alarm servicing organization can be assured by the use of organizations that are third-party certificated, by a UKAS-accredited certification body [such as a BAFE SP203-1 Registered Organisation], to carry out inspection and servicing of fire alarm systems.” – BS 5839-1 Clause 45.1 (Commentary – Inspection and servicing).

We understand you require a quality Fire Alarm Maintenance or Servicing solution at a competitive price.

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Contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 731 2748 to arrange a free survey or discuss your Fire Alarm Servicing requirements with a Technical Advisor.

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