Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

Fire Alarm Installation at Tameside Veterinary Clinic

Case Study : Tameside Veterinary Clinic

Following a Fire Risk Assessment, we were asked to provide a quotation for a category L2 Fire System & Fire Safety Signage at Tameside Veterinary Clinic; one of the main caveats was that it needed to be completed in a limited time & not impact the daily routine.

The surgery is open 6 days a week & many of the pets that are brought in are vulnerable & scared of loud noises/people. With this in mind, the drilling & fixing of a hard wired system throughout the building was out of the question. Having recently gained our Hyfire Taurus accreditation & being very impressed by the system’s capabilities, it was the perfect solution. We provided a competitive quotation against other installers which was accepted & gave best value.

When the quotation was accepted, we confirmed the proposed installation with a full Hyfire radio survey; this is to ensure that the signal strengths of the equipment are good throughout the premises & the selected equipment is correct……once confirmed, we got to work! Due to the nature of the business, we wanted to make sure that we caused as little disruption as possible therefore we built the system in house. This meant all we had to do was attend the site to fit & commission the system…. And this was completed in 1 day, at a weekend with no issues. We re-attended 1 week after the installation to re-confirm that all equipment was operating as intended & that the customer was happy with the installation.

We have had a quotation accepted for similar works accepted at one of their other sites, which we look forward to starting next month.

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The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

easy to install and represents a cost-effective solution

Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems
Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems
The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

Hyfire market leader in wireless and hybrid active fire protection systems

Taurus Technology

Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

for minimum disruption to your business

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems   

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems The Taurus technology is extremely easy to install and represents a cost-effective solution compared to traditional cabled systems. The Taurus wireless devices, eliminates the need for complex cable networks and all of the problems they can bring, allowing the installation to be completed in a very short time period – a few days and not weeks or months as for wired solutions – limiting time and direct contact on site, minimizing the disturbance for tenants and disruption to site.

The system survey defines exactly the wireless infrastructure required, so equipment costs are guaranteed and fixed. The devices can be pre-programmed quickly and easily off site contributing to increase the speed of installation and reducing the people required to install. Project costs are optimized and deadlines almost guaranteed. Wireless fire systems require robust EN54-25 approved wireless infrastructure and fully EN54 approved sensing, control and alarm products. The Taurus product line, fully certified to the relevant EN54 standards, offers the highest performing range of fire sensing and notification technology available.

Hyfire – Trusted Wireless Protection

Hyfire is a market leader in wireless and hybrid active fire protection systems. Founded ten years ago, Hyfire assisted in developing and bringing to market high performance wireless fire systems and since then they became a respected fire protection solution used on almost any site, large or small. Hyfire wireless technology enables a new way of working, making our partners successful, different and expert. It is faster and less disruptive, needs fewer staff on site, minimises disturbance to end user business or activity, guarantees no surprises and delivers project deadlines and budgets with no overruns.

Our Hyfire partner programme ensures that end users and specifiers have access to an extensive network of fully trained installation professionals wherever they are, providing expert, local support for the best wireless and hybrid fire protection. Our expert technical sales team ensure that business, specification and expertise are available when and where needed and our industry-leading training, technical support and service, always free to customers, ensures that partners and clients take advantage of the unique benefits of Hyfire wireless quickly and easily. Our new generation of high-performance panels and wireless technology are now available, and further cement our reputation for performance and ease-of-use. We’re committed to maintaining our leadership in Wireless Protection. We are part of Halma plc, one of the largest and most successful companies in Europe with a purpose to deliver a safer, cleaner and healthier world for everyone, every day. Halma works globally across three main areas: safety, health and environmental technologies.

Wireless Fire Systems

new generation of high-performance panels and wireless technology are now available

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