Fire Queen Accredited Partners for Hyfire Wireless Fire Detection

Fire Queen are Accredited Partners with Hyfire Providing the Full Range of Wireless Fire Detection

Fire Queen are delighted to be awarded the status of authorised partner with Hyfire. The Hyfire system raises wireless fire detection and alarm systems to new levels of reliability and flexibility. Their wireless system offers unique solutions to the most demanding of applications.

Fire Queen are now fully trained accredited partners with Hyfire providing the full range of Wireless Fire Detection. Fire Queen can provide system design, installation and commissioning, plus ongoing system maintenance and support.

The Hyfire wireless fire detection and alarm systems include 2 innovative systems.

  • Taurus by Hyfire Wireless System
  • Static Wireless System

Taurus by Hyfire Wireless Fire Detection System

Taurus Wireless Fire System

The newest, incredibly powerful and easy to configure EN54-25 wireless system on the market today.

The Wireless Game-Changer
  • Based on Hyfire’s consolidated experience in wireless fire protection, it is a totally new protocol, wireless network and range of high performance detection, control and alarm devices.
  • With the Hyfire fire panel we deliver a uniquely powerful system solution for superior operation from installation to maintenance.
  • The new TauREX software provides the most simple and intuitive way to install, commission and maintain your Taurus system.
  • The Taurus wireless platform can easily answer the needs of both small-medium or large sites, handling up to 128 devices per wireless translator and 240 per hybrid loop, with a 10-year battery life on input and five years on output devices.
  • New features and innovative technologies are at the heart of the new wireless product line, ensuring incredible system performance and superior reliability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Taurus uses Hyfire NetworkOptimiser technology, with 60 communications channels to avoid interference and channel collisions, regardless to the extent of the fire network or the scale of the building.
  • Every Taurus device features Hyfire SafeSwitch dual redundant channel technology, so if one channel fails, the other automatically takes over, ensuring unprecedented levels of reliability and performance.
  • The key to any successful wireless fire system is design and specification, which is why Hyfire has developed the bespoke TauREX software, which features a user-friendly graphical user interface and innovative new functions, such as EasyScan and ConfigWizard, to help specify the optimum Taurus system for each site in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Taurus delivers unprecedented system reliability and performance using SafePath Mesh Expander Technology. If any expander in the chain fails, the transmission path uses an alternate route, ensuring communication continuity.

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SafePath Mesh Expander Technology

if any Expander in the chain fails, the transmission path finds an alternate route, ensuring communication continuity.

Optimised Power Management

Taurus achieves maximum performance with minimum environmental impact. Our communications technology ensures all devices communicate every second, and we don’t waste power listening or transmitting unnecessarily.

Taurus by Hyfire Wireless System
Wireless Fire Detection

Static Wireless Fire System

Static Wireless Fire System

Static Wireless Fire System

The static Hyfire system protects people and proprieties across a variety of business sectors and designed for a wide range of applications.

Superior flexibility of wireless technology

The wireless elements can be used on their own to build wholly wireless systems of virtually any size and complexity or mixed with the Hyfire wired products to provide seamless hybrid solutions.

Third party approved

The Hyfire system is designed and manufactured to the latest British and European standards, ensuring it provides the highest levels of reliability and safety.

Wireless Fire Detection