Fire Safety Matters

Fire and Rescue Service Reform

Fire Safety Matters Report on Fire and Rescue Service Reform

Fire Safety Matters Update

This week Fire Safety Matters reported on the Home Office’s ambitious plans for Fire and Rescue Service reform. The new Government White paper announced The “most comprehensive plans for fire reform in decades”  The White paper entitled ‘Reforming Our Fire and Rescue Service’, aims to help embolden the Emergency Services.

The changes announced include the commencement of the Fire Safety Act 2021 – which will make sure that all blocks of flats are properly assessed for fire safety risks – and the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022. The latter will help to ensure people feel safe in their homes.

At the heart of the Government’s White Paper are plans to deliver increased public safety by dint of improving the professionalism of the Fire and Rescue Service through modern workforce practices and potentially establishing a College of Fire and Rescue. There are also plans for improved accountability to be delivered thanks to proposals for transferring fire governance to a single elected individual, with delivery overseen by operationally independent Chief Fire Officers.

Importantly, there are also plans for better engagement with the public. There’s now a ten-week consultation period in place during which the Government will listen to the views of the public and stakeholders alike before then proceeding to finalise its reform programme.

The article is available here

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Fire Professionals need the right tools to do their jobs effectively

Fire Minister Lord Greenhalgh noted: “I’m delighted to introduce this comprehensive reform plan for our Fire and Rescue Services and improvements to fire safety in general. The Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry and independent inspections show that reform is needed and we are tackling the key issues head on with this White Paper. Fire professionals step up to protect and serve their communities. They must have the right tools to do their jobs effectively.”

Fire Safety Matters

Fire and Rescue Service Reform

Read The Reforming our Fire and Rescue Service Details here

Our fire and rescue services protect communities and save lives. It is imperative that they
are fully supported to respond to the changing risks they face. This means building on the
response to the pandemic, learning from major public inquiries, and responding to the
challenges identified by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue
Services (HMICFRS) in relation to leadership, culture and collaboration.

The consultation process is open until midnight on Tuesday 26 July