Wireless Fire Alarm System for Residential Care Home

Taurus Wireless Fire Alarm System Install at a Residential Care Home

Following the failure of various devices, non-compliant cabling & a system which was installed in 1988, Fire Queen Limited were asked to submit a proposal & quotation for a replacement Fire Detection System.

Select Retirement Services & the residents were concerned about the disruption & damage to the interior, caused by installing a traditional wired system; many of the residents own their apartments & did not want internal surface mounted trunking installing within their homes.

We carried out full Radio Survey & proposed a wireless solution; this was excepted based on cost, but also our experience installing Hyfire Taurus Wireless equipment.

We specified the installation of Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System

This was an obvious choice based on the challenges we faced, which were;

  • Cost
  • Timescale
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Usability

The building extends over 4-floors & has a concrete structure which can affect Radio Signals; it was imperative the Radio Survey was completed thoroughly & in detail.  As a Hyfire Taurus Accredited Partner, we know this is the most vital part of any wireless installation. The system comprised more than 100 Devices, together with 3 Translator Units & 3 Expander Units to ensure strong signalling.

Due to the old system being unserviceable, it was a priority to install the new system, with minimum down time, as soon as possible.

A hard wired system, in a building of this scale, would have taken around 12-weeks to install & commission to BS5839-1-2017.  We were able to complete the installation, using wireless technology, in 2-weeks; including removal of the redundant system.

Our Technicians’ worked with the House Manager throughout the installation & the residents were informed when access was required well in advance; ensuring the project was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to normal routine.

This Residential Care Home operates adopts a “stay put policy”; it is imperative the equipment is reliable & functions as intended, ensuring the system was connected & signaling to their monitoring provider, both for faults & fire.

The House Manager received training on the routine weekly testing & operation of the system.

If you are considering replacing a faulty, old or non-compliant system, contact Fire Queen Limited for a no obligation survey & quotation.

If you require a update or replacement Fire Alarm for a Residential Care Home, a Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarm System would be an excellent solution.

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Wireless Fire Alarm System for Residential Care Home.
Wireless Fire Alarm System
Residential Care Home wireless fire alarm installation
Wireless Fire Alarm System installation Residential Care Home.

Wireless Fire Alarm System for Residential Care Home.

Wireless Fire Systems provide reliable cost-effective solutions

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems

The Key Advantages of Wireless Fire Systems   

The Taurus technology represents a cost-effective solution compared to traditional cabled systems.  The Taurus wireless devices eliminate the need for complex cable networks & all of the problems they can bring, allowing the installation to be completed in a very short time period – a few days & not weeks or months as for wired solutions – limiting time & direct contact on site, minimising the disturbance for tenants & disruption to site.

The system survey defines exactly the wireless infrastructure required, so equipment costs are established at the outset.  The devices can be pre-programmed quickly off site, contributing to increase the speed of installation & reducing the people required to install; project costs are optimised & deadlines achievable.  Wireless fire systems require robust EN54-25 approved wireless infrastructure & fully EN54 approved sensing, control & alarm products.  The Taurus product line, fully certified to the relevant EN54 standards, offers the highest performing range of fire sensing & notification technology available.

Hyfire – Trusted Wireless Protection

Hyfire is a market leader in wireless & hybrid active fire protection systems.  Founded ten years ago, Hyfire assisted in developing & bringing to market high performance wireless fire systems & since then, became a respected fire protection solution used on almost any site, large or small.  Hyfire wireless technology enables a new way of working, making our partners successful, different & expert. It is faster & less disruptive, needs fewer staff on site, minimises disturbance to end user business or activity, guarantees no surprises & delivers project deadlines & budgets with no overruns.

Our Hyfire partner programme ensures that end users & specifiers have access to an extensive network of fully trained installation professionals wherever they are, providing expert, local support for the best wireless & hybrid fire protection.  Our technical sales team ensure expertise is available when & where needed.  Our industry-leading training, technical support & service, always free to customers, ensures that partners & clients take advantage of the unique benefits of Hyfire wireless quickly & easily.  Our new generation of high-performance panels & wireless technology are now available & further cement our reputation for performance & ease-of-use.  We’re committed to maintaining our leadership in Wireless Protection.

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Wireless Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

The new generation of high-performance panels & wireless technology is now available.

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