Robinsons Brewery Fire Extinguisher Installation

Animal Friendly Fire Extinguishers Installed at Robinsons Brewery

Fire Extinguisher Installation at Robinson’s Brewery was a great project to work on. The shire horses of Robinsons Brewery are a favorite sight in Stockport. Stabled in the historic yard opposite the Visitors Centre are Bobek, Mojo & Boris. These three gentle giants are beautiful examples of the few remaining working Shires in the British Brewing industry. A familiar and much-loved part of Stockport heritage, the sight of the Robinsons Shires evokes happy memories of a bygone time – as well as encouraging new fans. The Robinsons family are proud to be preserving and promoting the Shire Horse breed. Robinsons was built on the backbone of the Shire horse 181 years ago, which has continued to be an important part of their family business.

Firequeen were delighted to be contacted by The Robinsons Brewery to discuss the fire safety of the stables. These handsome horses have 3 stables opposite the visitors centre & needed some animal friendly fire extinguishers for when the farrier is on site to re-shoe them.  Essentially just water with a low freeze additive. Firequeen fitted the animal friendly fire extinguishers in a durable weatherproof cabinet, so they should remain in service for many years.