Buying Fire Extinguishers Online

Fire Extinguishers are readily available to buy online, often (at first glance) at very low prices; this is obviously appealing, especially when comparing costs to an accredited & BAFE Registered provider. It may look like you are getting a bargain, but is there more to it?

Buying Fire Extinguishers Online

BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment)

Fire Queen Limited doesn’t sell online, but one obvious difference could be quality; we only supply fire extinguishers which are proven to be robust enough to withstand the rigors of regular use & maintenance, with a reliable source of replacement components, enabling them to remain in service for many years & backed up by our own 10-year warranty.

The online sellers often don’t mention Fire Extinguishers require a Commissioning Service at the location of installation; this is to ensure they are ready for use, wallmounted correctly, suitable for the risks present & the correct identification signs are in place.  This Commissioning should be carried out by a “Competent Person”; can an online seller provide this & what is the cost?

Additionally, if the Fire Extinguisher you are buying is a replacement for an old one, how will this be safely disposed of under Environmental Legislation.  In order to remove & safely recycle redundant fire extinguishers, Fire Queen Limited are registered in all areas of the UK & carry the requisite licenses to ensure our customers are acting legally; can an online seller provide this & what is the cost?

Is delivery included in the initial cost?  Fire extinguishers can be heavy & are pressurised, requiring special precautions.

Fire Safety & compliance to the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005 is paramount when selecting & maintaining Fire Safety Equipment; it is imperative the equipment you have is correct, fully functional, is in the right location & maintained properly.  A small fire, which may have been extinguished with a suitable Fire Extinguisher, can often spread very quickly causing devastation to persons & property; potentially leading to prosecution due to non-compliance with the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005.

Breaches of the RRO may be highlighted by the Fire Authorities when investigating an incident, including examining the equipment onsite & the competency of the company supplying or maintaining it; again, this may be factor in any subsequent insurance claim.

  • Before buying Fire Extinguishers online, it is highly recommended to have a survey to ensure selection & locations are correct.  Fire Queen Limited offer no obligation surveys to ensure you have the correct equipment & signage for the risk.
  • Does the fire extinguisher you are buying have the correct quality approvals such as the British Standards Kitemarked, BAFE or LPCB.
  • Many Websites use a stock photo for the equipment they are selling; you may not always receive the exact product displayed. Receiving a substitute item may compromise the fire ratings needed for your building.
  • Does the online supplier have correct efficacy & liability insurance; what would happen if the extinguisher did not function when needed; who would you claim from?
  • Does the installer hold an ISO registration number which includes BAFE SP101?  These are the benchmark approvals & ensure our products & services consistently meet the highest standards.
  • If the online seller is able to arrange delivery, commissioning & installation through a sub-contractor or 3rd party, what evidence have you seen to ensure they carry suitable credentials?  It is up to you, the “Responsible Person” to check this.

Fire Extinguishers are Life Safety Equipment; considerations beyond cost are the buyers responsibility.  For your protection & to ensure full compliance, Fire Queen Limited is fully BAFE Approved.

Fire Extinguishers Handbook 2022
Fire Protection Association

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Buying Fire Extinguishers Online