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The Pankhurst Centre Fire Safety: Fire Queen Proud to Support Local Charity

The Pankhurst Centre at numbers 60-62 Nelson Street is the birthplace of the suffragette movement & attracts visitors from across the globe. Number 62 was home to Emmeline Pankhurst & her family, who led the suffragette campaign for Votes for Women – the first meeting of the Women’s Social & Political Union was held here on 10th October 1903.

Emmeline Pankhurst is one of history’s most famous figures & was the founder of the suffragette movement campaigning for Votes For Women. Born on 15 July 1858 in Moss Side, Manchester, into a family who were interested in politics. Emmeline grew up in Manchester, which she called ‘a city which has witnessed a great many stirring episodes’  especially of a political character.

In Edwardian Britain, women were not allowed to vote in general elections, which meant they had no say in the laws that ruled their lives. Men made all the decisions about what women & girls were allowed to do. Emmeline & her family thought this was unfair. She wanted the government to give women the right to vote, so their voices could be heard & their opinions would count. On October 10, 1903, Emmeline invited a group of women to her house in Nelson Street, to form a group to fight for Votes For Women. The group was called the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU). They became known as the suffragettes.

Emmeline led the suffragettes, making noise, nuisance & disruption throughout the country. Their motto was ‘Deeds not Words’ because Emmeline believed that women needed to take action. After the First World War in 1918, the government finally gave some women the right to vote. Emmeline & her family ran the suffragette campaign from their home in Manchester. But in 1907 they moved to London, to be near the heart of the campaign in Parliament. Emmeline died in 1928, just before all women age 21 & over were given the right to vote. Her fight for women’s rights has encouraged people throughout the world to stand up to unfairness & fight for equality.

We proudly maintain the Fire Safety Equipment at the Pankhurst Centre & really appreciate the feedback recently received from the Center Manager (Lynne):

“Fire Queen has been essential in keeping our historic Grade 2* listed building safe for over 13 years.  Their expertise & respect for what we stand for gives us peace of mind & lets us get on with what we do best. Emmeline would be proud!”

As well as the above, one of the Fire Queen teams Grandmother’s Birth Certificate is also on display at the center; Emmeline was the Registrar who signed the certificate which is pictured below (use Pankhurst Birth Cert 2).

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Fire Safety at Historic Building The Pankhurst Centre

What is the Best Solution for a Fire Alarm System for an Historic Heritage Building?

Historic England have detailed guidance on installing Fire Alarm systems in a historic building.

When installing or upgrading a fire alarm system in a historic building, care must be taken to balance the operational requirements with the interiors & fabric.  You can read the whole article with all the guidance on Fire Alarms for Historic Buildings  on the Historic England Website here

Is wireless technology possible & has a signal strength survey been carried out?

Wireless fire alarm systems use secure wireless connections between the sensors & the panel.  Wireless technology in listed buildings & scheduled structures, where suitable, can help limit the amount of permanent damage &/or loss of historic fabric such as cabling, chasing, hole drilling & help reduce installation costs.

This type of installation will require a signal strength survey to be carried out & signal booster aerials installed as needed where the structure blocks or weakens the signal strength.

Please contact our Customer Support Team to arrange a free survey, or to discuss your requirements with a trained Technical Advisor.

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“Fire Queen has been essential in keeping our historic Grade 2* listed building safe for over 13 years.  Their expertise & respect for what we stand for gives us peace of mind & lets us get on with what we do best. Emmeline would be proud!”